Deb McNaughton is a Melbourne based artist, mum and lover of all things bright. Her belief of ‘bright is the new black’ is reflected in the abstract artwork she creates.

Working with acrylic, ink, watercolour and resin, Deb’s style is described as spontaneous and diverse. Her creativity is not restricted by convention and is, instead, freed into unique, one-of-a-kind statement pieces of art, sometimes using her bare hands rather than brushes and tools.

Inspired by bright colour combinations and not afraid to experiment, Deb’s work is sure to catch your attention.

Deb completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at The University of Ballarat in 2003 and attained her Diploma in Education at LaTrobe University, Melbourne shortly afterwards.

“Becoming a mum in 2013 is my greatest accomplishment. It has been equally rewarding and challenging but has also given me the opportunity to reignite my passion for art and creativity while at home raising my two boys”.

Deb’s adventurous personality has seen her business go from strength to strength. Living by the quote ‘A life without risk is a life half lived’, she has pushed the boundaries of creativity and formed some great partnerships. Deb has big dreams for the future of the business and the determination to see it’s continued success.

The newly renovated studio and gallery is now available for viewings and art consultations. Please email Deb to make an appointment.